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Everdream Valley



Visit the Everdream Valley

for the most peculiar summer holiday

Become a junior farmer

You’ll plant, water, gather crops, and fight (sometimes for life) against pests.

You’ll need to clear nettles, build pens, and keep the animals on the farm happy.

Explore life in the valley

Fields, meadows, forests, a lake, and a river are waiting for you to discover new secrets and tasks.

From gathering and sometimes growing fruits and mushrooms to catching fish, collecting insects, and even building a treehouse.

Use a little help from friends

Train your dog and convince the cat to be your friend.

Use the skills of your allies to complete missions and uncover the secrets of Everdream Valley.

Dream wild
or domestic

In your dreams, with the help of a magic hat, you will be able to play the role of various animals.

Remember that what you do during the day and night has an impact on the farm.

Stay tuned!

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